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Seriously septic

In Darfield and other townships of Malvern any talk of infill housing runs into issues around managing grey water and toilet waste – black water.
We have posted two reports in the Trust’s library that will help us in dealing with Environment Canterbury. Anyone with skill and knowledge in this space – please get in touch!
Many thanks to Andrew Dakers of Eco Eng who has allowed us to make these available to you.
Our next step will be a meeting with Andrew and then with Environment Canterbury officers directly.
If you start reading Andrew’s work, you will find a flout valve mentioned. If like me, Dave, you haven’t got a clue what this is… here’s a link explaining flout valves. In short it is a valve to stop grey water dribbling into a grey water / humus trench, making one small part of the trench too wet and anaerobic. The aim is to flood in a large stored volume once in a while. The rest of the time the whole area is sitting with lots of aeration. See, there really is lots to learn in this space!!

Here is the address for council considerations around septic solutions for Kirwee and Darfield.