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Malvern Housing Trust formalised in Feb 2019

Malvern Residents Form Social Housing Trust
What would you do if you were a solo parent or a senior who needed to find more affordable housing in Malvern? A group of citizens who want to provide social housing in just these sorts of situations has recently been incorporated as the Malvern Housing Trust.
This follows the release of a report to the Selwyn District Council on 7 November 2018 entitled ‘Council Involvement in Social Housing’, which includes a policy statement that SDC ‘does not view social housing as a core activity and will not be a direct provider or investor in this activity’.
The members of the Trust have begun a conversation with Selwyn District Council about the various recommendations in this report, which can be accessed at (pp.141–177).
If you share a similar concern for social housing issues in the district, the Trust welcomes your involvement and your comments in its work. Preliminary enquiries can be made to the Chair, Philip Baldwin, on 022 637 5296 or

For further information please contact Philip Baldwin, Chair, Malvern Housing Trust, on the contacts above.