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Cabin Build – happening now

At our recent trust meeting we agreed that although a cabin build is a small gesture it will be very useful for one family needing another room for a growing child/teenager. So, we are getting started. Here’s a sense of what we want, and don’t want – you choose… but remember even young helpers will […]

Seriously septic

In Darfield and other townships of Malvern any talk of infill housing runs into issues around managing grey water and toilet waste – black water. We have posted two reports in the Trust’s library that will help us in dealing with Environment Canterbury. Anyone with skill and knowledge in this space – please get in […]

Malvern Housing Trust formalised in Feb 2019

Malvern Residents Form Social Housing Trust What would you do if you were a solo parent or a senior who needed to find more affordable housing in Malvern? A group of citizens who want to provide social housing in just these sorts of situations has recently been incorporated as the Malvern Housing Trust. This follows […]