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Cabin Build – happening now

Malvern Housing Trust are building a fund-raising cabin. We know this is a small gesture but it will be very useful for one family needing another room for a growing child/teenager.

So, we are underway. We are partnering with Taege Engineering who have welded up a solid base for lifting with crane etc into final location. That was double dipped with galv for extra long life. James Hunt Residential are keeping the volunteer (mostly Dave) on track with timely advice and skill. Thanks also to Mark Craven for initial great progress. Wall cladding is now going on.

Progress has slowed with spring block tasks and a wind thrown forest that needed dealt to. That is mostly done, so focus will go back onto finishing tasks.
If you can help, pls let Dave know 0210644436. The wind tried to help… it didn’t as the blown away batts show!